Comic book date

I have found a brilliant mentor. Lets call him El Devo. Someone well versed in the art of lovin’ the comic books. Plus, he is going to give me all his old ones! Stoked.

I have to say, when I first started out on this expedition I was incredibly nervous. I still am. This is a very touchy subject to many a person and I would hate to ignorantly step on any toes. I would only hope that my deep need to understand this crazy world and my total devotion to this discovery makes up for my huge abyss like lack of knowledge.

On another note – I have traversed some comic web sites recently and for a bunch of nerds, there are some very crap-ola websites. For real. Next post – top ten BAD comic book sites and top ten GOOD comic book sites. Just for some nice balance.

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2 thoughts on “Comic book date

  1. bananatree says:

    Can I borrow when yr done? I am excited to reviews.

  2. jpro86 says:

    bananatree- yes, yes you can. its super sweet and even if you don’t agree with my review you will prob. still love it.

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