The Watchmen

A foyer into comic book land.

This particular blog holds little authority as of yet. Which I guess is what I strive to eventually gain.

From the beginning – a recent discovery of my how deep my nerdiness goes. I love comic books. I love them. I have little knowledge of them and next to no background in them but what I have read I love. Being an already self described book nerd (ie. I catalouge my novles/books/comics by genre, then by date of publication which can get a little tricky with re-publications, or edited versions of early editions…..) I had, up to the time of my 21st birthday, managed to by-pass the whole comic book/graphic novel thing. Always passing it off as a “trekie” thing…. I have realized how wrong I was.Deeply deeply wrong.

So I started with a little something called “The Watchmen”. Hailed as the quintessential graphic novel of all time, this literary masterpiece had broken ground left, right and centre. It broke my ground that’s for sure.

The writing style of Alan Moore is so dark and twisted. Dense literary ideas and intense characterization, Moore really plays into the relationships between the characters and their relations within society. Even within the first panel there is a definite tone set for the rest of the novel, and yes, this is indeed a novel. A novel with very awesome graphics. Moores writing could totally stand up on its merit, but with Dave Gibbons at the helm of the almighty pen and ink, the visual interpretation is brilliant, insightful and dark as hell.

This is only the beginning.


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