An open letter to Nick..

Dear Nicholas Gurewitch:

You know what’s pretty sad? The lack of new PBF in my life.

Why no internet comic love Mr.Gurewitch, or as your friends probably call you, Nick? We’re friends right Nick? So why the cold shoulder….? I get it, retirement…blah blah blah…Is that why I cannot even access the archives? I would hate to say it, but is this to boost your book sales? (Which you can get on Amazon at a low low price, see, I’m helping Nick)

I doubt that’s the reason, however, my sadness often leads to illogical conclusions. I’ll keep checking your site and keep holding on for more.

Sincerly, your pal

(Want to learn more, check this!)

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One thought on “An open letter to Nick..

  1. Paul says:

    I have the PBF book… so amazing.

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