who are we?

Its 12:09 on Thursday evening, or Friday morning depending on how you look at it. I am yawning wider than I thought my jaw could go and have had app. 3.5 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, including the 1/2 hour nap just taken.

Why this late night post? Busy fighting crime and saving the world, am I? Nope. No Spiderman web slinging action for me, just bad attempts at Yoda references. I am currently running in my university’s student election’s and it is campaign week which means speech’s, talking to everyone you know and checking facebook upteen times to check the status of your group. It also means battling the constant anxiety of inadequacy or external perceptions of who ‘you’ are.

These past couple weeks have had me thinking much ado about…well…nothing. Ok, not nothing. Superhero’s. Average Joe/Jane by day and Superman by night? Possible? Do my friends/colleagues/pets have secret identity’s? Probably not, but being a supehero can be more than donning a pair of red tights and a kickass cape, or having your symbol shone into the night sky. El Devo lent me the Daniel Clowse Caricatures novel,which is just about ordinary people. Incredibly ordinary people. People more ordinary that the most ordinary people in my life. This desire to make the ordinary into extraordinary is interesting. In The Watchmen, Moore and Gibson highlight the average day job of being a superhero. It is about more than just fighting crime sometimes, it is about your intention and your motives. Rorsauch was killing the bad guys yet he WAS the bad guy. Moore wrote about auto mechanics and nerds, women with midlife crisis and sexual needs, rape and marrige. These all happen everyday. What doesn’t happen everyday is donning an owl suit and saving people from a fire. However, very ordinary people do very heroic things everyday.

At my fine institution of higher learning there will be a fundraiser held next week to raise awareness and much needed money for the homeless issue in this city. This is heroic. This is what saving lives is. Looking around you, I bet you couldn’t say who has spent time homeless, or one paycheck away from being homeless. Yet, it is more common than many think. Yet, we all have the power to combat this. To become everyday superhero’s.

So, in my election mode mind at 12:23 am I sit here wondering what I could be doing. What could be done. I ran for office because I believe in something. Something that is worthwhile putting my studies on hold for, something that is worthwhile long days and too short nights. Neglect of my friends and family. Something which I cannot name quite yet.

I found a couple cool links and articles on the very ordinary afflictions of very extraordinary super hero’s.

Religion, sociology, and feminism are all ordinary ideas and ideals that we have all encountered in our lives. I guess it isn’t any different in the comic world.

The more I get into comic literature, the more I see its direct reflection of and influence by society. Moore’s hyper political nature and Clowse’s almost boring plot lines are just what we see everyday. Only this way, there is change. There is a difference made. There is a good and a bad. A right and a wrong.

There is always someone asking who are you.

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