Fancy red sequined tights.

Last night Alberta voted. Well, less than half of Alberta voted. The rest of Alberta was apparently too busy to vote. Too busy to pay attention long enough to realize our current government has been our current government for 32 years. 32 years. 32 years of decreases in health care wages, of investing in education, or boorish Premiers and oil soaked kick backs….ok, so the oil soaked kick back MAY be just a guess, but the rest is true.

This is why I like comic heroes. This is why I can identify with those young men and women who dream for better worlds and wish for a change. I understand Moore‘s intense frustration with our current society’s apathetic nature, except for when it directly affects them. Everyday I hear complaints about road conditions, about municipal gov’ts not being given greater autonomy, school closures, health care, emergency waiting lines….This can be changed! This can be different. It’s not like everyone has to don a cloak and a wicked mask. There need not be a superman, an x-men team, a captain America…There just needs to be involved people who care about the place and the society they live in.

I just finished off Invincible. A very cool trade El Devo lent me.  The simplicity of the art work is a nice throw back to the days of yore, with simple comic printing and good clear lines. The story also has me pretty hooked. A young teenage boy with superpowers using them for good. I like that there is no apparent motivation inherent yet. Other than Dad’s influence, there is no explanation for why. The possibilities that are there in future issues have my curiosity piqued. I really like the teenage awkwardness as well. The multiple scenes’ of mistaken girlfriendness is pretty cute and relatable

Another thing I like about comics. They are for the most part fully relatable. Who hasn’t thought of being a superhero? Even if it is for self serving efforts. Pulling out my fancy red sequined tights and a tight tank to solve the political injustices of the world has crossed my mind more than once…

 I was in Calgary the other week and picked up a few back issues of Classic X Men at my most favorite used book store, Wee Book Inn on 17th ave and am surprised at how much I really liked them. I can fully see why young boys and girls would anxiously await the next issue. The cliff hanger endings and intense situations are brilliant. The art is fast and quick and has you searching for detail, a clue, something. Issue 29 came out in ’88, a period of much tension between the former USSR and most of the rest of world, yet this comic had a story which revolved around Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin aka. Colossus returning to Russia, his home land. There was no evil crime fighting, no bad guys, and no tights. There was only one instance of heroic action and that was it. Instead, this was the real deal. Fighting injustice goes beyond fancy tights and big muscles. How does one choose between doing good as a superhero that isn’t recognized by any gov’t and put right persecuted in his own country and being able to do nothing, forced to deny your true self? It would take a super hero to figure that out.

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