Currently I am reading the trade The Sandman, which is disorienting at best as I make my way through. The looser narrative that has spun out of these pages so far has got me very interested. The many many references has me even more interested. Cain and Abel, the three witches, talismans, vested powers, division of self….these have all been introduced and yet I have yet to see their strength in the story. The art is also amazing. Actually amazing. To the point of distraction. The panel flow and unusual page layout which seems to have no consistent pattern has me focused. Each page is something new and interesting. The writing is not what I had expected. Good, but by no means compares to Moore, Clowse or Miller.

This type of trade is quite a bit different from my usual pick-up’s. No superhero’s, no good versus evil initial set-up, and little political intrigue. Those are all things that draw me in and this particular trade is much more literary in the fictional sense, but without the literary aspect as the art speaks much louder than the words. I suppose the point of this is that I am realizing how great the variety is out there.

I still feel pulled to the basis superhero plot line. The Classic X-Men comics I picked up a couple weeks ago still have me jazzed. The first Invincible trade I just finished up had me hooked. Two nights of fighting sleep with interest and I was finished. I cannot recommend it more.

As I type I am in one this great class Soc. of cyberspace and we discuss well…cyberspace…clearly. My prof. confessing a certain social awkwardness got me to thinking. His way of dealing with it is through on line communities, through dealing with people in a more straight forward/less forward way. I cannot help but think that this is the same as someone donning a mask. We see the way Peter Parker is a different person as Spiderman. Cracking jokes, heroics, and being able save the women of his dreams are the same as logging on to metafilter and using your specific brand of intelligence to solve the many problems of the world.

Sorry if this post is a little disconnected. Rambling thoughts often lead to to brambles.

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