Bent spines and broken corners

A great article on some of 2007’s best works in comic art/graphic noveling:

“Super Sizin’ It: Eisner Judges Reunited for a Best of 2007 Extravaganza”

Gave me quite a list of things I want really really bad.

Also, the website it is posted on is called book slut. Which I enjoy. I have developed a theory over the past few years  about book readers. There are two types in the world: The carnal and the chaste. The chaste book readers read as if they are 10 years old and are about to be caught with their pervy uncles dirty magazine. They do not bend the spine, they wipe thier hands each time their finger tips get a little sweaty, and god forbid if a corner is turned…. The carnal book readers (which I am fully one) read as if the book they are carrying could be ripped out of their hands at any given moment and thrown on the book fire circa. 1948. These folk READ a book. The spine is bent, sometimes even broken. There is writing in the book, even in pen. Pages are marked on the sides from gripping so hard. It has been carried around in a backpack for a couple weeks and even has….gasp…turn down corners. Now, I am not making an aurgument for either sort. I am just saying that I like my books to look like my books. I know in the ever growing library my roommate and I co-own, I can tell my books from hers by just feeling the wear. They have a certain personality. Plus then the diving up is a lot easier. No one would want my pen marked, bent cornered, spine broken books anyway.

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One thought on “Bent spines and broken corners

  1. criacriavolvervolver says:

    You paint yourself with a lovely brush.

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