Manning this weather station…

As an avid member of the optimist’s of society I sometimes find it incredibly difficult to deal with the level of negativity that the every day human being seem the feel the need to project upon everything…

This seems to be especially relevant to art in every form. Art is not only an incredibly hard thing to define, but as such, it is also a personal reflection that is open to any interpretation. The debate on whether or not reproductions can be considered art is one manifestation of this. To criticize someones art, in essence someones perspective is dismissing a persons thoughts and creativity. This is why, on this day in particular I found this post to be very interesting. A response from Aaron Turner on someones (I’m sure justified) critique of a poster he had designed.

My institution of higher learning’s bookstore was clearing out some of their stock and I picked up a super sweet collection of L.T. Horton comics for a measly 3 bucks. L.T. Horton may sound familiar to you if you are an avid reader of The Onion, as it is one of the pen names used by the Editor-in-Chief, Scott Dikker. He is responsible for many of the laughs I have had in the past and the author of a bunch of books which you should check out. You can see a sneek peek at the one I picked up: Plebes, the cartoon guide for college guys… cool right? Although I am not a college guy, I seem to find myself surrounded by them (being a college girl that is) and seriously, Dikker’s got it right.

In other news, I have been doing homework for what feels like 72 hrs straight and as I really really like to procrastinate I have been checking out blogs and web comics at a rate which seems unhealthly… but for you who also have exams/essays/work in general to do and want to waste (or not waste, depend on how you look at it…) as much time as I have check out these:,,,, sevententwelve.wordpress,

They are kinda related to everything good in life, so you shouldn’t be disappointed….

Many of them appear on my blogroll as well…..

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