I ate Deborah’s bunny ears.

Hey! You know whats super awesome about Easter? Days off and discount chocolate.

This weekend I came back to my home town to see a fantastic stage show of Hedwig and the Angry Inch done by the amazing Sage Theater. Myself and two very lovely friends of mine enjoyed it thoroughly. As they were out of town friends, we all crashed my very accommodating Nana’s place and woke up to the smells of breakfast food. I go upstairs and look upon a lovely array of food: muffins, breads, eggs, bacon, and hot cross buns. Then I remind my Nana my friends are vegan, and yep, I still don’t eat dead animals…. (Although I did greatly appreciate the effort and the liquor soaked banana’s she was serving up with breakfast. This is why I love being Irish… alcohol soaked morning food totally acceptable.)

“But these eggs are free range AND organic”

“Do they come from a chicken still?”


“They’re not vegan.”

“Oh, well, do they(my friends) eat any dairy or meat at all?”

“Nope, vegan, no animal products…”


“Well….what do they eat? Anything? are they air livers? well?”


So this weeks slew of webcomics are devoted to easter and vegans and binary solo’s…

(and to my lovely nana)







and speaking of binary solo’s: my favourite Flight of the Conchords song:

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