Indie comics make my heart beat as fast a Black Mountains drum solo’s

“super*MARKET is a quarterly independent comics event based in Los Angeles. We aim to provide a regular salon for comic makers, lovers, and haters alike so that the gap between creators and readers shrinks down to an uncomfortable closeness. Though it’s focused locally on Los Angeles, everyone is welcome (listen, we’re not going to kick an out-of-stater out of bed, we’re just sayin’). By determining a focus or theme for each event, we are able to cover varied genres within indie comics from goth to cry-baby.”

I stumbled upon this link from a blog I frequent (“i will you destroy you news”, which can be found on my blogroll, to your right…) and this event looks so interesting…I have grown quite an affinity for indie comics and have noticed that the majority of big comic con’s (with the exception of the Wizard comic con’s – which I do believe make a special effort to include Indie comic makers and their publishers…). Anyways, basically, a comic con specially for indie comic makers is pretty sweet. I kinda wish I had a shawk of money or a lot of indie comic cred. and could make my way down there… I highly recommend clicking on this link to get more info about it…

I have noticed that during my philistinian foray into comic land (which I am making fast progress…) I have found myself gravitating towards comic makers such as Clause and Kirkman and even more so towards indie web comics.

so, once again an awkward segue… but a great web comic


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One thought on “Indie comics make my heart beat as fast a Black Mountains drum solo’s

  1. Why can’t we make the comic strip larger and easier to read?

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