Take me down to paradise city…

Oh jeez…it has been quite a while since I posted….

This week I have been pretty hopped up on T-3’s since I decided to slowly and surely destory my body with Rock and Roll. Actually, the truth, I was playing Puerto Rico with a few other poli sci nerds and one of my very excellent prof’s and all my energy went into trash talking and not into making sure I don’t twist my knee out of place. Basically, I hurt my knee and it hurts, ergo, T-3’s and not too much else. Which is my excuse for this rambling and non sensical post.

This weeks web comics are based on what I learned in school this semester….(or: what I learned this year in class which has no relevance to anything I will be tested on or need to write papers on, plus a refelection of the amount of time I play chess without getting any better)

This webcomic has nothing to do with learning or school or anything but radness:

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