I just hope this doesn’t kill me..

Once again, poor blogging me.

A valid excuse:

I recently got back from Edmonton, where I had a meeting with the Minister for Advanced Education and Technology with other members of a little known Alberta student lobby group, CAUS ( Council for Alberta University Students). A wicked experience, especially for someone as young as myself. I never cease to wonder at the many amazing opportunities that I have been able to seize through my own institution of higher learning.

This has little to do with what I really want to post about.

A wicked comic site recently posted this great little ditty on the all powerful Superman… so, Superman sucks?

My first foryer into the comic world actually came from what I believe the proof of how my new comic obsession stemmed from my incredible nerdiness. A wicked book, Men of Tomorrow, which I purchased by chance as a gift had me locked, stoked and barreled into this world of intrigue and political connectedness (look, I did actually find a somewhat suitable connection…). The story on Superman being one of the key rabbit holes. The background of the creators, the business dealings, the shady yes men involved and most of all the constant struggle for artistic integrity. If you know the plot, you probably pick up what I am laying down and if you don’t, I highly recommend picking up Men of Tomorrow, if for no other reasons than just sheer dirty business.

sidenote – this pretty interesting op-ed came out in a recent issue of the NY Times about the negative side of the lifestyle of professional blogger’s. Check it here.

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One thought on “I just hope this doesn’t kill me..

  1. taylor says:

    possibly the best link you have ever linked through your facebook link

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