Indie cred point spreadsheet’s are harder than you think.

I am painfully addicted to Questionable Content right now.

I realize I am way behind on the indie web comic times, but I feel my new found unquestionable (haha) love for this web comic deserves a mention. As well, if you have yet to read through the entire anthology then, for your own indie cred sake, click on the link. ( I was kidding about the indie cred, indie cred only really applies when you find something slightly obscure and blog about it before anyone else has gotten the chance. Ussually reserved for those who are still checking record label sites at 3am and posting on Digg and Reddit and since this comic has been around for 4-5 years, I am sure my punch has already been beaten which then puts me at -5 points. Shit, I better make up a spreadsheet pretty quick to see where I am at. Luckily my vast and rarely usefull knowledge about incredible side projects holds me in pretty good stead. Ok, I was also kidding about that. My knowledge is mediocre and mainly confined to four, maybe five labels. Sick of my side notes yet? I betcha ya are…) anyways… I have also come to realize my entire undergrad life has and will continue to consist of being Faye, as I:

a) already work in a coffee shop

b) have a penchant for punching boys when they mention my girl parts

c) have no shame in mentioning my own girl parts

d) will most likely still be doing this..(blogging about stuff which will never make my money or garner any tangible success, other than awesome cred. which I have coming out of all the orifices)

Another reasons why I am HUGE fan is the wicked guest comic strips done by other artists which tips me off to a bevy of other web comics to join my ever growing conglomerate of ways to spend even more time being unproductive.

On another note, if anyone has any great comparative analysis done on Machiavelli’s self projection in his comedies..hit me up!

some links I found and liked today:

The Coffee Archives, and Nothing Nice to Say

Thats it for now, but stay tuned for this weeks edition of web comics I like. Probably to hit you up tomorrow mid morning as that is when I will/should/need to be frantically working on a final paper.


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