A brief interuption to your daily proceeding’s

Every superhero has their start right? I do believe my newly found superpower which only comes out after a terrible mistake. I make one than realize the mistake just inches/minutes before it becomes fatal and proceed to use all my sweet talking, big eyed power to try and get out of it. This week I am going 4/4.

The other day I phone up a dear friend of mine who picked up the phone and without any hesitation asked me this:

choose: Invisibility or being able to stop time.

With equal gusto I answered being able to stop time. You could do a million things at once and then live the rest of the week guilt free. Over sleep a little and going to be late for class? No problem! Stuck in traffic and have a flight to catch? No Problem! Minister of advanced education and technology ask you a question you are not prepared for? No problem.

He then points out that it is people like me who would pick stop time and then be wracked with guilt for each fire they didn’t evacuate, or earthquake they didn’t help with or any other meteorological disruption they didn’t warn about quick enough.

Yes, I totally coincide this. He is probably right. However, personal guilt aside, I couldn’t even imagine what the government would do to someone with this ability. Keep them locked in a room on Parliament hill, just waiting for the ticking clock to go off. Then BOOM, drag out time girl and make her stop it all. No freedom, no life, no anything.

This is why if I do ever really find myself with a wicked awesome superpower, I am telling no one. Or is that I have told no one already?

Also: This is the greatest thing I have ever seen:

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2 thoughts on “A brief interuption to your daily proceeding’s

  1. bananatree says:

    Genius, I need to go to Halifax and punch that dreadhawk in the FACE!

  2. Divisiveness says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Divisiveness.

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