The Wheel of freedom

Yesterday, this awesome sauce of a guy I know got me a shawk of Trades to occupy me in my limited free time. If I start to fail at life, I blame him, Alan Moore and Robert Kirkman.

In my rooster of life failing aids?

The first two trades of Invincible – This wicked awesome comic about a teenage boy superhero who saves the world one group of bad guys at a time.

I also have been jiving on this new Alan Moore thing: Top Ten. Super interesting and a bit of a departure from Moore’s previous anti-government, overtly political, intensely intellectual works. This is a bit lighter and very super hero-ie.

Also wicked awesome? Check out Image Comics web page. You can read the first issue of a bunch of the titles in their rooster for free. A chance to get to know what you like and if comics are not your thing (yet…) you will be sure to get a good introduction.

In my puruesing of Image Comics site I found all this cool stuff! Including this brand new comic I totally wanna check: Suburban Glamour by Jamie Mckelvie. “Life’s tough when you’re a teenager — homework, boy trouble, and meddling parents. So when Astrid Johnson has to deal with imaginary friends turned real, monster attacks and faerie magic as well — that’s just not fair, is it?”

No, no its not.

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