Iron Man is the richest of all the fake men.

Iron Man = ” A decent kick to the season’s blockbusters”

Depending on how much reviews matter to you, you either have a great chance with this comic book/video game adaptation or sure disappointment with its over hyped content. The BBC gave it 4/5 and the Seattle Post gave it 4.6/5 and the holy grail of Canadian movie reviews (or at least that’s what an old manfriend continually expounded on…at length) The Globe and Mail gave a whopping 3/3 for this film. However, don’t let the hype get too you. Its always that same thing for me, I will get super jazzed about something, expect life altering screen shots and dialogue that blows all of my witty and brilliant conversation pieces I have been saving up for the day I meet Philip Glass out of the water and then I realize that it is just a movie.

I’ll let you know how close it got when I see it, and when I do I’ll be sure to drop these little tid bits of information like a hot frying pan in a country kitchen. I’m sure my friends will be so impressed.


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