Notice how the 5 Planeteer powers are direct representations of IR theory? I did!

It has been far too long, I realize. I brand new job and weeks of traveling has caused my blogging to rise higher and higher on a long list of things I like to do but do not always have the time to do. However, here is a little something something for all us enviro/political nuts to sink our teeth into:

“The NDP can throw out numbers but there has to be reality to them. The reality is they’re not in government and never will be, so they can just throw out [any] numbers they want,” Mr. Lunn said yesterday before the vote.”

The Globe and Mail article discussing the recently introduced private members Environmental Bill gave a quick and dirty (pardon the terrible pun) illustration of the degradation our democratic process is under going. Thanks Mr. Lunn, clearly you respect ALL parties in the House of Commons and all those Canadians who voted for them. Given the Conservatives spent so long in the minority (and technically are still there) you would think they would be a little more understand and compassionate to the voice of a few. Or at least a little more aware of their public image. Million dollar life insurance bribes, Maxime Bernier and now this little ditty… For all the good the Conservative party is actually doing, no one is going to notice with all the smut layering up.

Looks like a job for Captain Planet!

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