Carbon Taxes in the bedroom…just when I got those sheets clean too!

Environment Minister John Baird chimed in: “I think Canadians, you know, this tax will be revenue neutral it’s like the cheque is in the mail, it’s like I’ll respect you in the morning. It’s just not believable.”

In an article published in today’s Globe and Mail, Tory’s once again leap down the throats of green friendly Canadians and anyone interested in taking a stance on our increasing environmental impact.

Besides the blatant misleading attack ad’s funded by the conservative party against Dion’s Carbon Tax policy, the constant and belligerent House of Commons attacks (such as calling out the Lib’s as being divided after three MP’s voted in favour of a study proposal to research the impact of carbon taxes on agriculture…which to me looked like simply representing the voter’s interest’s…call me crazy?) but now Baird chimes in with the diddy “it’s like I’ll respect you in the morning.”

I guess it is a little much to ask for respect from the Conservative party in the morning, or anytime for that matter.

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