Watchmen Trailer!

Yes, this totally came out yesterday, and yes I realize this should have been posted, but I’m busy….

I am totally stoked on this! As each image comes up, I can see the direct parallel to the graphic novel which gets my purist heart a’beatin’. (Really, though, what’s up with Billy Corgin? Smashing Pumpkins….F?!). The trailer officially premiers at The Dark Knight Film, which came out in theatres across the world last night at midnight and will be viewed by yours truly tonight at 9:50 (which is exactly 8 hours and 52 min from now…). This trailer will be probably make me need to change my panties when I see it full screen – I’ll let you know how it goes.

The costumes were l;leaked quite a few months ago and ever since I have been holding my breathe to see what the whole sha-bang is going to look like. Holding my breathe and scouring the intra-webs…. that sentence was supposed to segue nicely into something about a pretty decent interview with Zack Synder but I guess my prose is a little awkward today. Pretty similar to the awkwardness of the legions of nerds lining up to get good seats at Batman – which is pretty similar to the scene I am about to be a part of in 8 hours and 48 min.


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