Death to Hipsters?

Adbusters published an article in their most recent issue ( #79 for those keeping track at home) about the “Hipster scene.” An somewhat interesting article giving the most superficial look at hipster culture and what a hipster is. A little bland, some what subversive but left me feeling let down. I was looking forward to a scathing review of hipster pop culture and what our selfish attitudes and consumer driven nature has done to society. But really, there was nothing there. Besides slightly bemoaning “Cool Hunters” and generally making fun of “kids these days” I found nothing worth thinking about.

So why a blog post? Besides being the obvious hipster thing to do, I have noticed in the past year or so the influx of media taking a closer look at hipster culture. CBC Radio 3 has run three seperate podcasts on being a hipster: defending hipsters, defining hipsters and competing hipsters? (whic looks a little like this below)

AdBusters runs an article on hipsterness, there is an urban dictionary reference for them, VICE is devoted to Hipster culture (one could say is propagating the whole thing…) and yet we are still looking at it as if American Apparel ads and giant scarves are brand new , future type thing’s. I guess I will start taking these self reflective stabs at hipster culture seriously when they stop coming from the epi centres of hipster culture.

In the meantime, I am very happy to remain a hipster and walk proud in my VV boots, skinny jeans, long cardigan, giant scarf and knit hat.

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