Downtown Owl or: Chuck Klosterman writes fiction, this time for real

Downtown Owl

Downtown Owl

Today, while listening to a favorite podcast, This American Life, I heard that Chuck Klosterman is releasing a new book, a work of fiction (which is in contrast to his previous works of…semi-fiction? Hard to pin down but that’s for another nerdier, booky post). Downtown Owl comes out September 16th of this year and I am pretty stoked to check it out.

Like many, I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with the writer who many credit with making hipsterness apparent and complete obsessive nerdieness sexy. Although a brilliant writer, there are times I feel that he essentially masturbated on some pages, bound it in a book cover and convinced a publisher with nerdy, overstated and eloquently delivered prose on why he should get a book deal. Other reads I completely and totally fall in love and want more more more.

This article from The 941 is a pretty good interest getter and while I DO NOT agree with his comments on Foer or Palahniuk, his article does pique my interest for the upcoming work of Klosterman fiction. As does this excerpt found on

“Somewhere in North Dakota, there is a town called Owl that isn’t there. Disco is over, but punk never happened. They don’t have cable. They don’t really have pop culture, unless you count grain prices and alcoholism. People work hard and then they die. They hate the government and impregnate teenage girls. But that’s not nearly as awful as it sounds; in fact, sometimes it’s perfect.”

Interest piqued? Pre-order it from Amazon, or just wait ’till it come out. Whatevski.

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