Anne Murray box sets?! Oh, yes please!

Slate mag asks “What’s the matter with Canada?” and offers a interesting south of the border perspective of our lovely, large and complex country.

“You might think of Canada as the un-America, where the only debate ought to be whether to spend the country’s growing oil wealth on faster snowmobiles, bigger hockey rinks, or Anne Murray box sets.”

A pretty well written article worth the read (and by no means was I knocking Anne Murray, she was my first concert experience! Yah, that’s right. Jealous?).

In other but very related news, this Canadian federal election is looming larger and larger will soon over take even the Macy Thanksgiving Parade. May getting in the leader debates but still battling here own legitimacy within the party and in her riding, cracks in Harper’s propaganda/campaign machine and Dion’s Green Plan parade.

Whew! This is only the first week?!

Kinda reminds me of that X-Men issue where they have to battle that evil dude in a fun house of death. No feasible escape and a myriad of rooms all designed to spell out your doom. Only in this case, the evil dude is represented in each and every party and the rooms of doom are those that our political leaders walk into every day. Maybe thats a little too negative, but with the Conservatives slander campaign and three our of four leaders initially refusing Elizabeth May’s inclusion in the debates my faith in those who operate in our political system is a little shaky.

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