Top Ten Movie/Book Awesomeness

It’s pretty hard to find movies which are equal in awesomeness to their literature equivalent but there are a few out there and I feel that they deserve a little cudo’s.

So, for this weeks top ten:
Top Ten Movies That Can be As Loved as Their Literature Equivalent:
1. The Secret Garden –  Written by Frances Hodgson Burnett and adapted a shawk of times, the 1993 adaptation by A. Holland is clearly the best and totally captures the charm and English loveliness from the book. Plus, Dame Maggie Smith is killa.
2. Harry Potter the Secret of Azakaban – The third movie adaptation of this series to so dark and creepy I still get chills when think about Dementors.
3. The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring – The book and movie both tug at my hearts strings and The Shire is pretty much the cutest imaginary English town imaginable. Although every part of the series is fantastic, the beginning of the tale gets me every time.
4. Closer – A play written by Patrick Marber adapted to film by the playwright and starring Clive Owen, Julia Roberts. Jude Law and Natalie Portman. Those four names should be enough to make you run to your nearest HMV.
5. Fight Club – Written by pop culture lit. maverick Chuck Palahniuk, the 1998 movie directed by David Fincher brought this novelist to whole other level of pop culture worship. Both amazing in their right and man o’man can Palahniuk’s words translate on screen.
6. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – I think this is pretty much a given, but if you haven’t read the Hunter S Thompson novel or the seen the 1998 Terry Gilliam movie, you are missing something in your life.
7. Glenngary Glen Ross – Written by David Marmet, a 1993 movie with Ed Harris, Al Pacino and Alec Baldwin, this bad boy’s got everything a girl or boy could want. No holds barred, winner gets all, business time. That’s right, management students rent it now.
8. Everything is Illuminated – Written by Jonathen Safran Foer and adapted to film, starring Elijah Wood, this move and book vary drastically but each hold their own in their respective mediums and are equally brilliant.
9. To Kill a Mockingbird – Gregory peck. That’s all you need to know.
10. James Bond – Casino Royal – That’s right, betcha didn’t know that this action packed manly man series is based on a book series by mister manly man himself, Ian Fleming. Honestly, the books are just as fantastic as the movies. Promise.
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