Raindrops and roses or: Top Ten reasons that I reveal in fall’s glory!

As September wanes and the leaves drop, ski season is on the foremost of many of you young wiper snapper’s minds. As for myself, I am too busy reveling in the glory and absolute loveliness that is Fall. Lethbridge only gets a brief glimpse into this seasonal young lover mind and I intend to enjoy every lovely morsel that’s available.

Top Ten reasons that fall can make my heart beat faster that an unclapable clap track:

1.       Live shows – For real folks. Everyone knows that summer is music festival season but fall is the time of year where smaller bands are touring for their last vestiges of musical gained income before it gets too cold to risk that tour van on Canada’s highways. As well, the colder it gets, the less evening outside options you have so opting for the warmth and comfort of your local indie venue is an excellent plan.

2.       Warm sweaters and huge, colorful scarves – Fall is the perfect season for us cardigan, boot and scarf lovin’ peeps. So many great options for layering and finding the perfect wool cardigan and huge pashmina can give you more satisfaction than the Top Hat.

3.       Cuddling – Keep those heating bills down (and your carbon emissions lowered!) by finding someone to cuddle with. Cuddling is the greatest form of human contact ever and as an extra bonus, that huge pashmina can work as a great blanket.

4.       Long drives – Southern Alberta is killer for fall aesthetics. Grab some friends, a vehicle and go country driving. The freshly cut fields and crisp leafy smell is amazing this time of year and fall nights offer excellent star viewing.

5.       Long walks – the more sustainable way of appreciating the lovely fall days and nights! Lethbridge has some pretty decent parks which offer lovely walking paths and great opportunities for conversations. A mug of hot cider and a great pair of boots is all you need to enjoy this. Plus, pretty soon it is going to be too cold to be walking for any length of time so jump on it while you can.

6.       Halloween! – This holiday does lend itself to hoochie mama’s dressing up like “slutty” whatever but man o’man is getting a costume actually so much fun. Think outside the box this year and dress like your favorite Watchmen character, or children’s TV show (Jem and the Holograms…amirite?!). There is also going to be a screening of Rocky Horror Picture at The Galt on Halloween night, so get your tyranny on and come out!

7.        Baked Goods – So, baked goods are probably my favorite thing in the world and fall is the perfect season for them. Eating homemade banana bread while walking through a park on a fall afternoon…sigh. Like me and are baking challenged? Get a friend to give you a lesson, or find someone who loves to bake and offer back rubs in exchange for baked goods. Or, just man up, grab some Company’s Coming cookbooks and get to work!

8.       Nights in – Fall offers the most perfect night in. No matter if your curling up with a great book and some Fleetwood Mac or with some good friends and a killer movie (Calgary Film Fest recommendation: Let the Right One In…Swedish vampires…need I say more?) with the wind and rain outside pattering on your window and the warmth and love inside, could you get any happier?

9.       The Coulee’s – This time of year, the Coulee’s and the river bottom becomes stunning. The trees turn a million different colors and since it’s the last ditch effort before it becomes inhabitable, there is a flurry of cute and furry animal activity to watch and enjoy.

10.   ULSU events – Sorry, this is a full on plug but the ULSU has a trillion things happening this fall semester and they’re all pretty cool so please check ‘em out. You’ll probably be pretty stoked when you do and better off for it.

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2 thoughts on “Raindrops and roses or: Top Ten reasons that I reveal in fall’s glory!

  1. Pie! says:

    What are coulees again? 😉

    And I am so with you here. I love fall.

  2. Pie! says:

    Eew. Why did I use an emoticon?

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