Small hopes in a sea of blue.

The Canadian Election has come and gone and while I guess I could be more disappointed with the results, I am pretty much at the peak of disappointment.

Here is the quick and dirty for you non-Canadians or those who don’t like the CBC.

– Lowest voter turnout in Canadian history with only 59% (America, try and beat that! Actually don’t,  go out and vote.)

Another Conservative minority with 143 seats.

– Liberals see the lowest popular vote since confederation with only 26% garnering them a grand total of 76 seats. Dion’s leadership is up for speculation. How long will this opposition leader last in his own party with heavy weights like Ignatiff and newly elected Justin Trudeau clearly able and ready to take over the helm?

– The Bloc (Canada’s regional representative party, a creation purely for hardcore francophones) despite recent concerns over their relevance, they only lost one seat. (this gurls speculation: cutting to arts funding and a general hate for Harper means Quebec will stand strong in being anything but Conservative territory…)

– NDP gained 8 seats and the Edmonton – Strathcona race was the nail bitter of the century and kept me up until that last poll was called it. Congrats to Linda Duncan for making it happen in the sea of Blue.

– No Green seats but the valiant effort and bold choices of May should not go unnoticed. I hope this leader continues on. Who knows, at next year’s election, things just may change.

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One thought on “Small hopes in a sea of blue.

  1. ultratoast says:

    That’s a pretty low turnout. I think people are losing faith in the essential lack of choice they are given. Especially with the 2 and 3 party systems that dominate US and UK politics.

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