Don Hertfeldt: “I am so proud of you”


Last week in Calgary’s infamous Kensington theater The Plaza, Don Hertzfeldt premiered his new film “I am so proud of you”. Seriously amazing. If you get the chance, please go to this event (information found at the bitterfilms website) or check it out at his self made production company’s website to see how to order that baby. It is well worth the wait and the money.

If – like myself only a few weeks ago – you are not well versed in Don Hertzfeld please do your life a favor and check out the shorts below.

Hertzfeldt joined the audience for a post film Q&A and though normally these things arn’t my dig I found him to be very down to earth and actually quite entertaining. Witty, well spoken and transparent in his intentions, Hertzfeldt had clearly done this before.

A few good questions asked, a few art major esq (read: pretentious and sycophantic) questions asked and many simply wondering how the hell he is so good at what he does. Each answer came clearly and without pretension.

One thing that struck this lady particularly was his adamant adherence to, what some would call, archaic film making techniques. “It always feels like a cage match. We have a hundred years of cool film technology, why don’t we use it all?”

Discussions on arts funding, film technology, sociological impacts and the tenuous balance artists face with how far do they support disseminating their work for free on the Internet versus actually making money from it dominated the evening.

For more information on the man himself and his work check out

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2 thoughts on “Don Hertfeldt: “I am so proud of you”

  1. pbone says:

    holy crap. i didn’t even know about this! i have “rejected” and “everything is ok” on dvd, if you want to borrow it. i haven’t seen the bitter films dvd though.

  2. pbone says:

    i was actually thinking of having a screening at my place for that Flaming Lips movie “christmas on mars”. combine them?

    probably this next week I’ll have it, i’ll send something out for it.

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