It feels wrong, but I almost want to move to America…

In today’s Globe and Mail and newspapers across the world, Canada announces our smallest surplus in years and a rather frightening future for political stability, party funding and social program spending.

From the article:

“The Conservative government is also removing the right of civil servants to strike for a year, considering selling off corporate assets, and ending the $1.95-per-vote funding that goes to political parties after elections.

The government also said it is injecting $700-million into the capital base of government-owned banks in order to boost financing to exporters and small business.

It is also making legislative changes to give it leeway to bail out commercial banks if need be. And it is reducing the required minimum withdrawal amount for Registered Retirement Income Funds by 25 per cent for 2008.”

Do you really want $700 million of your tax dollars going to bail out government owned banks while funding for post-secondary programs and health care gets cut. Provincial transfers are set to take a huge hit and this is the majority of the funds your (recession bound) province uses to provide provincial implemented service such as education and health care.

This will surely come down to a vote, and while no one wants another election the Canadian public cannot just let the Canadian government take destructive measures just because they can.

Apparently these “economic stimuli” won’t come about without provincial and public input. Now is the time boys and girls. Don’t let your voice be swallowed by the big bad government, write or speak to your MP. You would be shocked at how much your voice can do. Canada is a democracy last time I checked.


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