Where is my official understudy?

It’s been nearly a month since I posted last.

Trust me, I have tried. I have tried to politely and concisely sum up my disappointment in our political parties. I have tried to write short and interesting thoughts on the imbalanced turn outs to both the pro and anti coalition rallies and how that reflects what Canadians want. I have tried to form a proper statement to convey what I would like to see from the Canadian government.

I have clearly not been very successful. As Dion step’s down from the Liberal and coalition leadership today and Ignatiff takes the helm, already in-fighting breaks out. Another destructive cleavage in the once strong and united party. Being a former Liberal party member, I feel nothing but pride in my past participation in Canada’s democratic system. As a teen, the freedom to belong to any party of my choice made me proud to be a Canadian. Regardless of my ideological affiliations, I just wanted to do something. Be part of something bigger then myself.

I stepped back two years ago and realized how distasteful our partisan political system is.

Now, with the turmoil in Ottawa swirling around the Canadian public, I am often asked for my opinion (which is sometimes all too freely given).Sometimes covered in fiery and superfluous adjectives and energetic hand motions, sometimes with a sigh and shrug but always there is something lacking, something I feel I hadn’t covered in my 25 minute condensed rant.

Today I realized one very important thing, I feel proud.

I feel proud that any change in Parliament have all Canadians in an uproar. I feel proud that Canada will persevere through this. I feel proud that our elected officials are so strong in fighting for what they believe Canadians need.

As the holiday season is here and so many of us hustle and bustle through lit streets into comfortable houses and loving communities, it is oh so important to remember that this is freedom. Canada is an amazing country to live in and regardless of the party in power, I trust that our basic rights and civil liberties will always be protected.

That is something which makes me as happy as a Hot Toddy, a warm blanket, two pairs of knitting needles and a Christmas tree.

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