A seasonal news release, in verse?

Who says the Alberta government doesn’t have the holiday spirit…

A press release received today, a little poem from the AB government to lift your consumerist spirits this holiday season:

T’was just weeks before Christmas, and all through the land
privacy commissioners were taking a stand.

While shoppers were lined up to purchase their treasures,
The commissioners were urging them to take privacy measures.

Protecting your personal information should be top of mind,
To ensure ID thieves don’t leave you in a bind.

Amidst the crowds and noise and the Christmas clatter,
You are reminded that ID theft and fraud is a very serious matter.

If possible purchase your goods with cash,
and make sure your receipts don’t end up in the trash.

Shred receipts, sales records and other personal information,
And ask plenty of questions when asked to produce identification.

Clear your mailbox every day, carry a minimum amount of ID,
And keep your SIN to yourself, to avoid financial agony.

The Commissioners have tips for retailers as well,
Tips to protect the information of their Clientele.

If you don’t need it, don’t collect it the commissioners advise,
Protecting your customer’s information is prudent and wise.

Shred what you don’t need and protect the rest,
And make sure point of sale terminals are visible to guests.

Keep all information away from prying eyes,
So your customers don’t get a nasty surprise.

From BC, Alberta and Ottawa too,
We hope these tips will keep personal information from bidding adieu.

From all who provide privacy oversight,
One last reminder…make sure your credit card is always in sight.

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One thought on “A seasonal news release, in verse?

  1. I would point out that because the majority disagree does not mean the author is incorrect. Make up your own mind. This article about the driving instructor might change your opinion

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