Back pedaling like a duck in a tailing pond…

Yesterday Alberta papers reported on Stelmach’s hasty back pedaling away from the bad-news-bears momentum of his early 90’s spending strategy announcement. In most recent news Stelmach was reported as saying:

“I never used the word ‘cuts.. That doesn’t mean we won’t go through our budget and look at areas where we can be pragmatic and prudent in our budgeting. We’ll have to do that … but we’ll protect our health and education programs and the most vulnerable Albertans,”

This is much better news for Alberta and does a bit to ease the minds of more conscience Albertan’s who quailed at the memory of what 90’s spending strategy did to the province’s education and health care spending in it’s implementation. As Stelmach was a key player in that time, influencing spending decisions and creating policy to legitimize those decisions, it is not hard to think that he would indeed revert to the safety of what he knew, and what many believe worked so well in paying down the debt.

As the federal government of Canada projects a significant deficit within the upcoming budget announcement in order to continue supporting programs already in place and create economic stimulus, it would be nice to see Alberta follow suit with a commitment to uphold the fantastic things the province has done recently as far as investing in Alberta’s future.

(credit: Edmonton Journal)

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