Tar sands, Alberta Advantage, CCS: just a few of our favourite things…

My new favorite blog:

Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying. An open critical look at the current Alberta government, their priorities, spending practices and contributions to one of the most serious environmental crimes this world has seen. The tar sands have proved themselves to be no financial savior and as our international reputation continues to be further tarnished by this province’s insistence on the exploitation of unsustainable and completely wasteful energy source, there is a strong and real voice to expose the untruths the media and government alike spin out . Yes this is a harsh evaluation, however the recent announcements by the government pertaining to energy development, specifically CCS (also see MikeSoron’s post on this) and the drop of “Alberta Advantage” has me disappointed (almost as disappointed as when I head Obama utter CCS in a positive manner, politics politics politics…). There was a time I was impressed, heavy tech spending to increase our “knowledge” economy had me hopeful of diversification and looking forward to a steady provincial government that cut the rhetoric and looked out for Albertan’s interests. I no longer feel the same.

Albertan’s need to be aware of what is happening. We are all too willing to bury our heads in the sand and just wait it out. Eventually we will be Ok. This is not the time to do that. Our provincial government has recklessly spent away two oil booms and left us with a measly 15 billion in savings. With the promises made to completely useless technology and infrastructure programs that benefit those who need those benefits least, how quick will that $15 billion go?

We are a province of business people, family farmers and capitalists. We are a province who used to fight when we were wronged. Now, we just look the other way and blame Ottawa. This time, Ottawa did nothing to us. Literally, nothing. For electing a Calgarian we have seen little help and little direction.

Our own provincial government is more willing to give royalty exemptions to non-Canadian oil companies then they are to investigate the syphilis rates among new born babies. They are willing to sink money into a technology never meant to “green” the tar sands and then go on record to say “90’s style spending cuts.”

There is no one solution of any of our, or the worlds problems. There are layers of complexity and heavy government bureaucracy which mar what seems like a fixable problem. Promises made, contracts signed and political agendas all factor in. But it is time to use some foresight and some logical thinking. This government has a huge majority in the house and can feasibly do anything they want. Use some of that for good, maybe it wont be what’s best for the trillion dollar, international oil conglomerates but it will likely be what is best for the people who chose to reside in this beautiful, strong and cultural rich province.

Alberta, Grow up.

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