Let the love right on in

CKLN (a campus community radio station broadcasting out of Ryerson, Toronto ON) has been dealing with some pretty heavy issues. An on going battle which many are calling an  “illegitimate board and their management (which) refuse to respect the democratic voice of its members”  has left a station deeply divided and filled with mistrust.

The details of the situation are publicly available at both their Facebook group and their blog. Statements from the stations current Station Manager and board members about the situations can be found at their website. Although the situation is clearly one rife with mis-communication and it seems both sides have some work to do to ensure the good of the station is their first interest, I do empathize with the 50+ programmers who have had their shows dismissed from the airwaves and 7+ staff who have  been fired.

This conflict has not stopped the programmers of CKLN from creating sessions  for broadcast on March 11th, International Women’s Day, and I highly recommend the web streaming of these quality program’s. Some of my past favourites from programmers who have been dismissed include Saturday Morning Live and No One is Illegal Radio. The full list of the days events are here.

Tune into CKLN and let them you know that across Canada we support independent radio and the programmers who make it so.

To help the cause or find out more about CKLN’s Radio troubles please visit takebackourradio.blogspot.com/

This is a problem that affects stations across the country and it is important to not just sit back and let one fall. As media conglomerates world wide fall apart due to mismanagement and silencing their journalists voices, let us not have this happen to the independent media which has worked so hard to be a viable and beloved source for Canadians.

(CBC also recently did a segment on CKLN… watch it here.)


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