Who watches The Watchmen? This girl.

I saw The Watchmen. My friend dressed up as The Comedian. I respect him more.

As I am not found of giving public movie reviews, primarily due to my lack of any background expertise in movie making, so I will decline writing a review on even this extraordinary event but there are a few comments I have to give here:

1. Overall I give the film an 8. This “8” is in reference to my level of expectations of the movie living up to the glory of Moore’s novel. Overall, that 8 means that 80% of what I wanted to see I saw.

2. The scene of Dr Manhattan going to Mars remained to be my favorite in both the novel and now the movie. Setting it to Philip Glass was a brilliant move and truly appreciated by this Glass nerd fan. The comparison of time movements and unorthodox composition was a subtle but genius inclusion. 

3. I was impressed with the capture of the relationship between Silk Specter and Dr. Manhattan. 

4. I missed the level of sexual tension between Night Owl and Silk Specter, the relationship seemed a little shallow to me and I felt that nuance of what that relationship was in comparison to the one with S.S. and Dr. Manhattan was lost a little.

5. I loved Rorschach character in the film. I thought it to be a brilliant casting and great work on the part of the actor.

6. I wish they did more with the Psychiatrist.

7. I wish they hadn’t changed they ending to the scene with Rorschach and the little girl kidnapper. The novel does it more justice and illustrates Rorschach’s desire to bring criminals to justice, not to be violent.

There is much much more and maybe I will break my own rule and write a more detailed review, but until then I direct you to a review done by a friend of mine. He also happens to be the man who introduced me to The Watchmen and has made my life better for this. He also happens to be a giant film geek and thus has a little more creditability interviewing then I do.

Check out James Wade’s review of The Watchmen on this new film blog thespotlessminds.wordpress.com/

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3 thoughts on “Who watches The Watchmen? This girl.

  1. bananatree says:

    Originally I disliked Rorschach’s voice, until I realized that the only reason I disliked it was because it was almost TOO similar to the voice I had for him in my mind.

  2. jpro86 says:

    I agree. I thought it was perfect, just too nuanced between his mask voice and his non-mask voice. I had heard a cleaner and slightly more whiny voice for his “real voice”

  3. toonstar says:

    Nice little article, and good points. I know what you mean with the “8” but I really appreciated the level of translation that Zack Snyder did bring, ‘Watchmen’ deserves much more than 2 hours and 40 minutes. However anymore in any kind of theatrical cut would caused the masses to become even more ignorant towards the decidedly slow story. I am looking forward to seeing the Director’s Cut on blu-ray in the next few days, I hope it takes my rating from a “9” up to a “10”.

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