Down for the cause.


Moving on?

I recently left my lovely and very comfortable niche in Lethbridge Alberta. My home for the past five years. Where I have done very well for myself. Where I have formed my own little family, a family that supports me and criticizes’ me  as much as my natural family. Where I have attempted scholastically,with  mixed results. Where I have discovered those parts of me I quite like and learned to live with those parts I care less for.

Home to Red Dog, Blueprint, CKXU, Coulee’s, the river bottom, illegal fires, dry summer days and amazing summer nights.

I don’t miss it at all.

I will return to LA in a not very long time from now, and that is only further impenitence to discover every gem here in Edmonton that I can. While my days are filled with as much post-secondary research as I can wrap my greedy nerd brain around, my nights are these endless opportunities stretched in front of me.

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