The needle and the damage done…

Last night, the third reading of Bill 44, proposed amendments to the Human Rights Act in Alberta, passed 35 votes to 7 against in a “free vote”.

The conversation last night over Twitter and Facebook was lively and engaging, with private citizens, on both sides of the spectrum and the issue, discussing the implications this has on our province and verbally expressing their political wishes to their elected representatives. Many excellent points were raised, both for and against but with a clear majority of people, highly educated people (despite Min. Blackett’s perceptions) rallying against this Bill and against the principle of school room censure. Besides just the fast paced world of electronic discussion, letters and petitions were tabled in the house yesterday before the vote got underway, all from clearly concerned citizens (myself and @davecournoyer included) by various members of the legislature, notably Laurie Blakeman who tabled 84 separate letters against Bill 44.

Alas, it seems that it was not enough to sway those 35 members of the legislative assembly who blindly toed the party line and voted in favor of this highly unpopular bill.

Although I am clearly against the principle of Bill 44 and believe it to be bad legislation, I am more appalled at the lack of consideration members took to their electorates thoughts and desires.

To the members of the legislative assembly, please take heed. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than you have dreamt of in your philosophy”.

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