Spit, Swallow or put it in your pocket?

Quite the week for Canadian politics….and the house is not even sitting. Impressive Harper, impressive.

Lets start at the top shall we?

“Wafergate” – Q: Who do we get to coin as “Deep Throat” in this affair? Better yet, as @kady exclaimed, what a great collision with the present CRTC/copyright discussion.

Harper makes another apology – Now, I understand using any opportunity at a podium to campaign, especially when one is in a foreign country at an international conference of world leaders…. oh wait. No, I do not understand at all. What exactly did Harper have to gain while blasting his opponent at an international conference he attended as Canada’s nation leader. Telling everyone that Igantieff doesn’t represent Canada, you do, is a little bit overkill when you are in fact, representing Canada at that very moment. Play to the strength of being Prime Minister sir, because as rumor has it, you are.

I can see that you are trying to improve the Conservatives and your own international prestige, as you seem to appreciate foreign media much more than your own press corps, but keep whining to a minimum. We don’t hear Obama reminding everyone how great he is compared to McCain, now do we?

My most favorite outcome of this little debacle is that the Liberal party did not even lift a finger and worldwide attention was on them. Using an old theater trick very well they are, the more spotlights trained on them, the better the make-up job.

Republicans for Ignatieff – Who is behind this obscure and out of the blue group? Conservative scare tactics? Maybe an aid read another e-mail wrong and thought Flanagan referenced a republican when we actually referenced, well, it was likely a republican.

Tom Flanagan casts an opinion, cites Cicero – Why not?

I think that may indeed be it, for a few hours at least.

Canada’s participation in the G8 made few headlines outside the little speech Harper so foolishly decided to make. A speech which stole any and all attention to the impact made in those meetings away from the audience. Which is too bad, given that a meeting of the top eight economic powerhouses of the whole wide world is a pretty big deal.

To hear more on the G8 meetings, CBC does a relatively decent job of covering it.

* The title for this blog was given to me by an individual wishing to remain anonymous. However, as they will read this, credit is due.

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