Oil baths, for everyone!

The Alberta Government announced yesterday that they would be now encouraging companies that work to extract bitumen from Northern Alberta’s “Energy Beaches” to pay their royalty fee’s in kind, as in physical barrels of oil.

This is then to be used to sell to new, Alberta owned and operated refineries which will turn that black sludge into black oil…. and then realistically ship it to the United States for their use.

A Globe and Mail article  stated “..it began a process that, by 2012, will see it sell up to 75,000 barrels a day of that bitumen to a provincial firm for upgrading.”

It seems the new royalty scheme will only apply to certain companies, companies like Encana which do not own and operate their own in-province refinery.

Excellent news for the recently announced Premier’s Council for Economic Strategy, who can now cross the first to-do item off their list.

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One thought on “Oil baths, for everyone!

  1. markhank says:

    Can I opt out of my obligatory Oil Bath for a complementary Sponge Oil Bath? My skin is so delicate…

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