Uleth: Write with me!

“A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.” Aurthur Miller

As the new and couldn’t – possibly – be – improved Features editor, I have giant shoes to fill. Seriously, giant, have you seen Keith’s feet?

I am interested in creating a diverse Features section, one that keeps the integrity of the previous years with a reflection on current issues in our society today.

Mainstream media has come under attack for no longer being relevant in today’s blog oriented world but I do believe that mainstream media, especially print media can be as relevant as it was but in a new fashion.

If you are an avid blogger, a contributor for another news source (as long as you have permission to write elsewhere), a ‘zine creator or artist send your stuff to me! Credits, re-direction and content integrity are all things I guarantee when you contribute to the Features sections this year.

Mainstream and social media can work together, but only if we realize the mediums require different characteristics.

If you have yet to voyage into the world of tweets, blogs, tumblrs etc… and just want to write more lines that three, send it in! The more voices we have represented the better our Uleth identity will be reflected.

To contact me:
email: jenn.prosser@gmail.com
FB: Jenn Prosser
Twitter: JProssa
ph: 403 393 7076

If you are interested in writing please send me the following**:

Your Name

Your preferred pen name

Any social media communication you use: to better to asses your writing style and persona.

Pitch: Keep it less than 150 words, and let me know if you want to write weekly, bi weekly, monthly, one off, whenever you have things to say… if you are a drawer boy/girl pls. give me a little context to your musings.

Are you going solo or is it group love?

The first issue’s deadline is Friday September 4th. All pieces must be submitted to me by NOON ON FRIDAY SEPTEMBER FOURTH.

The theme for the first issue is loosely “What I did on my summer vacation”. Feel free to warp and change this as you will.

Please feel free to contact me at any time about anything at all. I give great advice.


Jenn Prosser
Features Editor, The Meliorist, Lethbridge Alberta Canada.

p.s. Check out the website: http://www.themeliorist.ca/

** Contributors to The Meliorist are not paid in cash. Perks involved: potential future employment (most editors start as contributors…), pizza on production night and a chance to build a media portfolio under a recognized and legitimate media source.


3 thoughts on “Uleth: Write with me!

  1. Adam says:

    I’m curious to see if this idea can work. Writers are gradually moving into a medium which probably lacks a lot of the incentives that journalism had two decades ago. We need the polish they provide, or else our language as a whole will degenerate into anagrams and tweets.
    Adam @Advent Creative Web Design

  2. J pro says:

    Adam: tweets are like a sample size of a product. Something marketers have done for years. 140 characters of the goods, to have you looking for more. Many MSM have started tweeting and blogging to keep up with their writing skills, but also to remain more timely that a once a day printed paper can. Moreover, it preserves their integrity as writers, using their own words and style without having to conform to a bigger name/product.

    I don’t think my weekly paper will be as timely or relevant to at-the-minute news items, but it can offer a deeper and more varied perspective which cannot be found within 140 characters.

  3. Adam says:

    So, I guess the next question is would be, “can a writer sustain himself solely based on online writing?”

    Obviously, if you’re writing for a big dog, the answer is a strong ‘yes’, but what about those who can’t get into that niche?
    Adam @Advent Creative Web Design

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