Students Union elections, gone and back again.

The Students’ Union (ULSU) and Organization of Residence Students (ORS) election finished up with a similar air of nonchalance as it started with. Despite a couple heavily contested positions, this year’s election for both the ULSU and ORS was quieter than in years past, causing worry about voter turnout and voter apathy. Despite the number of positions without candidates, voter turn out was as high as it was last year, at 21% for the general student body and in the upper sixtieth percentile for students living on-campus.

The race for ORS between former VP Aperture Park, Kyle Hammod, and K3 Residence Advisor, Karen Ogilvie, saw Hammod win handily with a 51 vote lead, garnering 205 votes. VP Aperture was acclaimed by current VP University Hall, Matt Racine with 332 votes; and Timothy Webster was elected VP University Hall with 210 votes.

ULSU Arts and Science representatives saw a heavily contested race, with ten people running for six positions. Lisa Rodych (545 votes), Cole Scheider (537 votes), Zack Moline (459 votes), Shane Groarke (419 votes), Tyrell DeSilva (366 votes), and Andrew Williams (330 votes) took the six positions. With two former GA members, three residence students, and a Zoo staff member, this will be a GA populated by representatives who have been active in U of L student life.

Both Keith McLaughlin and Allan Hall won by acclamation, taking VP Academic, and VP Administration respectfully. McLaughlin took 1234 votes, with 265 votes going to the no vote. Hall took 1228 votes, with 280 votes going to the no vote. This can be deceiving, as the no vote is generated either from a voter clicking no, or not clicking anything at all. VP Internal was without a candidate.

Taz Kassam won Presidency with 829 votes, 54% of the total vote share. Michael Solberg received 545 votes. The no vote was at 8% for the options presented for Presidency.

The Lethbridge Public Interest Research group board election happened co-currently with the ULSU and ORS elections, and all seven nominees were acclaimed for the seven positions available. Your student funded LPIRG board next year is Keith McLaughlin, Alex Masse, Courtnay Sopko, Kristina Larkin, Thomas Fox, Nicole LaLonde, and Kelti Boissnneault.

Due to the initial lack of interest in the ULSU general election, there will be a much needed by-election running March 23rd to 25th. Nominations close Thursday of this week at 3 p.m., and campaigning will start Sunday, March 14th at noon. The Town Hall for all positions will by held March 18th at noon on the Atrium of UHall, and the Executive debate will be at noon, the following day. The only executive position in this by-election will be VP Internal, and here’s hoping to a lively debate between two, four, maybe even six candidates.

The positions left unfilled by the general election are VP Internal, Undergraduate Board of Governors Rep, Education Rep, Management Rep, Health Sciences Rep, Fine Arts Rep, International Student Rep, and First Nations, Métis, Inuit Rep. For the purposes of this by-election, the restriction of having a clean financial record with the U of L has been lifted, and there is nothing within the current ULSU by-laws that prevent a candidate who ran, and lost in the previous election from running for a new position. It is also worth noting that candidates do not have to be from the faculty they are running for election in.

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