Lethbridge Fashion Week(end): the spring/summer collection

Lethbridge Fashion Week is truthfully more of a weekend, but in this weekend some of Lethbridge’s best designers come out to strut their stuff.

Friday night’s runway show premiered six local designers and their spring/summer collections. The collections were eclectic and drew on individual creativity and local inspiration.

The Meliorist spoke to Shelly Kanyo, Lethbridge Fashion Week’s creator and local clothing designer. We asked her about the origins of fashion week, and Kanyo responded with an enthusiastic love of what she has started.

In it’s sixth season, Lethbridge fashion week had humble beginnings, “I graduated from Lethbridge College and then I was totally bored in Lethbridge and realized we needed some fashion, so I got a whole bunch of designers together to do a runway show, and its all volunteer based,” explains Kanyo.

Having completed their second season at the Lethbridge Legion, after the previous four seasons in other homes, Kanyo was full of praise for the support she has seen from the artist community here: “We fit under this artist’s umbrella, and already Lethbridge has a huge art scene, and that’s why we try to feature local artists tonight.” Asked about her collection for the spring/summer season, Kanyo clearly expressed a love of pattern and colour, “I really like that clash and that contrast. It’s just really eclectic and really fun.”

B.G. Low’s spring/summer season was characterized by a late sixties influence, with an emphasis on traditional materials such as pearls, lace, and cotton. The signature look was reminiscent of teenage summer romance. The collection on a whole was very wearable.
Cheek kisses: pearls, easy to wear clothes, summer lovin’
Scathing eye roll: lacking creativity, repeated trends

Beatrix, Designers: Patricia Livingstone and Megan Debackere

Highly structured, Beatrix used big colours and big patterns in this season’s collection. Going bold, Beatrix mixed ideas of fifties structure with seventies and eighties patterns.
Cheek kisses: bright colours, form fitting, attention to details
Scathing eye roll: small collection, animal prints are a faded trend

Crystal T., Designer: Crystal Toth

Crystal T showed a collection with well-constructed clothes that are made to flatter the wearer with a stylistic softness. Key pieces here were soft shirts in a contemporary cut, with attention to necklines and sleeves.
Cheek kisses: great sleeves, great fit, signature style
Scathing eye roll: casual, fit a specific body type, heavy on the belts

Donnell, Designer: Donnell Kollias

An eye for clean lines and great hem work, one of the best pieces seen in this collection was the jacket shown in the above. Cut well, with interesting pattern work to accent the female form.
Cheek kisses: clean lines, simple construction, great fabrics, deep colours
Scathing eye roll: too short to be sweet

Kos Factory, Designer: Kosuke Ito

Kos stood out with a heavy geometrical pattern influence in his spring/summer collection. Bold patterns and big bows characterized his looks.
Cheek kisses: geometrical patterns, great paneling attempts, bows
Scathing eye roll: poorly patterned, strange sleeve choices, poorly fitting pieces

Shelly Kanyo, Designer: Shelly Kanyo

Kanyo demonstrated an effortless attention to detail and a creative, fashion forward mind. Clean lines, great fits, and highly structured pieces, Kanyo showed a strong collection with mixed patterns and genres. Vintage patterns with clean modern designs were signature here.
Cheek kisses: structure, clean lines, amazing fabrics, creative designs
Scathing eye roll: too good for Lethbridge

Photos by: Sharlette Dunn

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2 thoughts on “Lethbridge Fashion Week(end): the spring/summer collection

  1. criavolver says:

    Love the Cheek Kisses and Scathing Eye Roll.

  2. criavolver says:

    Love the Cheek Kisses and Scathing Eye Roll bit.

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