Goals, schmoals

I have been a terrible blogger, and truthfully, being paid to write (underpaid, but none the less, paid) has created a lazy monster which prevents my thoughts from exploding onto a page that doesn’t grace the fine quality newsprint of The Meliorist.

Now that I am unemployed, and stuck doing a Chemistry class to complete my degree, I feel that the future holds limitless free time and no excuse for lack of writing.

So, I am setting a goal for myself.

At least one thoughtful, current event related post a week.

At least one personal reflection a week.

At least one piece of poetry a week.

At least one rambling, free associative piece a week.

Beginning May first, 2010.

If I want to make it as a writer, as a true voice in the wilderness (to steal a phrase), I must practice practice practice. 10 000 hours, or so they tell me.

It will take me a week to generate ideas and rest from exam fatigue….So, between now and May first, feel free to read these instead of this blog:

The most brilliant mind I know

The most spotless mind I have heard tell of

The palest of rednecks

Arbitrary Photos


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