two dimensional spaces

I sit with my face pressed against a grimy window. Looking onto the wide, quiet, wet streets of this town. Its been three days and I feel aimless. I have completed my given tasks, I have helped those who needed it, and I am dead tired. Too tired to think or to move, but too anxious to continue to lie still.

I feel bound. Bound by a stillness forced on me.

Yes, I fell. Only a little, and only once.

The world just stopped existing for one moment. Conversation ceased and my body floated away, it all went black. Waking up, gasping for breath as voices floated around me, slowly and incoherently, lights floated and moved.

So, I fell, only a little though. Just enough to hurt, to provide a mild inconvenience to the rest of my week. An opportunity to sneak a peek into the newly centralized Alberta health care system.

There is always a bright side to everything, always a way to turn it into a positive experience. Which is terribly unselfish of me, wouldn’t you agree?

A funny observation about the Lethbridge regional hospital, most of their information pamphlets still have “Chinook Health Region Authority” detailed somewhere.

The window I am looking through is old, maybe original with the building, which is also old.

So, I fell a little.  I am now ready to stand up again, to clear my head. Though, I guess I am rather tired still.

Maybe I’ll take a nap first.


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