Federal “de-funding” and you

This list of “de-funded” groups was passed onto me through a board I sit on, WomanSpace, in Lethbridge. It highlites some of the serious cuts to social services, not just those administered through the government but also through NPO’s, where the responsibility to take care of the most vulnerable populations has been downloaded onto and then support withdrawn.

There are many social issues our country currently must face, and unfortunately they do not receive the attention necessary for the issues to be properly addressed. This list is a start, pass it on.

Some of the most surprising is the agencies who operate as watchdog’s and have either lost funding or lost support:

Organizations/ watchdogs whose staff have been fired, forced out, publically maligned, or who have resigned in protest:

  • Canada Firearms Program (Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak, Director General)
  • Canadian Wheat Board (Adran Measner, President and CEO)
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (Linda Keen, chair)
  • Foreign Affairs (Richard Colvin, diplomat)
  • Military Police Complaints Commission (head, Peter Tinsley)
  • Ombudsman for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces (Yves Coté)
  • Parliamentary Budget Officer (Kevin Page) (funding cut)
  • RCMP Police Complaints Commission (Paul Kennedy, chair)
  • Rights & Democracy  (International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development – Rémy Beauregard, President)
  • Statistics Canada (Munir Sheikh, Deputy Minister)
  • Veterans Ombudsman (Col. Pat Stogran)
  • Victims of Crime, Ombudsman (Steve Sullivan)

This list comes on the heels of Bev Oda’s revelation that she altered a document making a funding recommendation to a faith-based group that operates internationally to provide much need services and relief.


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