Record review: Amos Lee’s “Mission Bell”

Genre: Folk/Roots

FTWL: The Notebook, the Watson Twins, Kris Kristopherson, the McGarrigle sisters, Patsy Cline, Calexico, early Iron and Wine.

Tracks #2, #6, and #11

If Patsy Cline and Al Green had a sweet, sweet love child who walked the hard road of life and love alone and came out of it pretty ok, that man has to be Amos Lee. Mission Bell gives a little bit of everything that Lee has to offer. Smooth vocals complimenting the folky instrumentation, with a full gospel-esque choir behind it all, pulling it together.

For anyone who has every cried alone in their car during a lunch break and then gave themselves a motivational talk worthy of Remember the Titans and pulled it all together with style.

A little bit of gospel, a little bit of soul, a little bit of Americana – this album is hard to nail down style wise but plucks at the perfect chord.


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