Record review: Cartagena!

Curro Fuentes and the Big Band Cumbia and Descarga sound of Colombia 1962 – 1972.

From: Colombia

Genre: Big Band /World

FTWL: Manu Chao, hips that won’t quit, Alex Cuba.

Favourite tracks: #3, 9, 15

A big sound, this Sound Way Records compilation brings together some of the most influential bands in Colombia’s music history. Upbeat latin jazz, mixed with electronically driven salsa, each track sets hearts racing and minds dreaming of steamy siestas. Cartagena! puts forward a mix of traditional instrumentation, and emerging sounds these tracks sound fresh. Capturing the excitement of Colombia’s music, arts, and culture scenes this compilation brings summer into any Canadian tundra.

New to Latin music, these tracks drew me in with their big sound, both vocally and instrumentally. A variety of sounds are featured on this album, with each band bringing something new to the table. With all passion expected in a live performance captured in this comp., the excitement of this burgeoning scene is palatable.


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