A lpisyrep oespl

I know so little

It is pretty complicated, to say the least

The less you know, the harder it is to understand-to think-to dream

The head being filled with all things you could know

The things you should know

But nothing about what it is you do know.

The books of knowledge, the spectacular energy draining from the sieve like sky above

that knowledge

escapes me.

I hold out my hands, stretch out my fingers, it pours right through

misses my gaping mouth and wide eyes. My skin acts like a teflon coating, repelling knowledge

like I don’t exist, it passes by me with not a second glance

Cool to touch but burning from within

Every thought is consumed with knowing, and it is difficult to think when there is no knowledge to begin with

Every question goes unformed.

What is there to ask when you don’t know what there is to ask?

Eyes seeing everything, yet it is slippery and evasive.

Mouth forming words that tumble out in a mess of consonants and vowels but no rhyme or reason to their order

hyw tacn I erlna?

This is hard work, this not knowing.


One thought on “A lpisyrep oespl

  1. Keith says:

    Sounds like an ontological question to me…

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