Anybody, anybody? Is this thing on?

The Federal Election has been called and no one can say there wasn’t any warning. The Conservative, Liberal and NDP parties all have candidates lined up (Jim Nation Hillyer, Michael Cormican, and Mark Sandilands respectively) and even the Christian Heritage Party has someone, but it seems the Green party have neglected that key piece of the puzzle.

Word on the street says that the Green party have been frantic since Friday to get someone, anyone into that position. So much so, several people have mentioned to me that the Green’s just want a name, no need to vet their background, their stance on environmental issues, etc…

So this is how far a party is willing to go to play the game, they will take ANYONE. Why bother having a platform if that is the case? Or why not take the allotted election funding and spend it on setting up constituency infrastructure. Or hell, donate it to a party with a strong environmental stance in their platform to help them out in this riding.

Lethbridge going Conservative is almost a foregone conclusion, yes, but why not give the party supreme a run for their money by throwing some real money behind a candidate that wants it.

I guess there would first need to be a candidate that really wants it.

(More on that later this week)

*** Update: there is now someone applying for the candidacy.


2 thoughts on “Anybody, anybody? Is this thing on?

  1. Dan says:

    It’s the same case for certain Liberal nominations in Calgary, such as the Calgary-West riding which did not have a candidate until last Thursday.

  2. martine says:

    i’ll do it

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