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Here we go, the first candidate related press release to come my way as of last night:

Michael Cormican hits the ground running

Michael Cormican wasted no time getting out Saturday to meet the voters of Lethbridge and southern Alberta.

“I’m excited to offer southern Albertans the opportunity to replace this government,” said Cormican, the Liberal candidate for Lethbridge. “It’s time to return to decent and respectful politics, and to put the priorities of the people of our riding first.”

Cormican has been a community leader for over 30 years in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta, successfully tackling issues of healthcare, families, and affordable housing. He has spearheaded housing development for over 60 families.

“I am dedicated to publicly funded health care for everyone,” says Cormican. “And, investing in education, innovation and child care to provide the people of Lethbridge security, employment and the best standard of living for all.

“This community includes the second largest proportion of seniors in Canada and our family care plan ensures compassion and dignity for all seniors.”

Michael Cormican will be launching his official campaign Thursday at 7:00 pm at his Campaign Headquarters, 1273 3rd Ave South.

For more information please contact

Tyler Gschaid
Campaign Manager, Michael Cormican for Lethbridge

Dustin Fuller
Co-Campaign Manager, 403-393-2466


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