Fight for your right…to skate

The Lethbridge Skateboard Association will be going in front of council once more to ask them to consider the creation of a new skate park before the next budget cycle. Bringing with them letters of support and a detailed administrative examination of their proposal, the LSA is well prepared to make their case.

City council starts at 1:30pm, and the full agenda is available via the City of Lethbridge website.

The LSA’s long struggle and plan is outlined on their website, as is the request for a decision. The request for a new skate park is far from unwarranted, and it has some serious financial backing already. The LSA has even gone so far to get support from Rotary clubs in Lethbridge, as well as fundraising on their own through bottle drives and various other activities.

The skate park is damaged, in an isolated area and far from any  public transportation. It is difficult to get to, and is location in the industrial section of Lethbridge brings the phrase – “out of sight, out of mind” to mind.

This homemade video of some skate antics exemplifies the issues:

The media has been great about giving coverage, and there is a fantastic piece about today;s meeting in this week’s Meliorist. Last but not least, check out Lethbridge Accountability’s page to see where each council person stood on the skate park during the election.


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