Album review: Here comes a city

By Memphis

From Toronto, Canada

Genre: Canadian indie pop

FTWL: Arts & Crafts records, Stars, English majors, Feist, rocky relationships, Royal Wood.

A duo that has been performing and making music together since the 1990’s has it pretty down pat. Torquil Campbell (from Stars) and Chris Dumont (from an opera house) form a pretty dreamy musical team. Pairing up slick melodies with romance themed inserts, Campbell’s voice makes the ladies swoon while Dumont’s romance infused song writing makes them want a ring on that finger. Some nice soundscape-esque inserts here too.

Serious music for the serious romantics out there, this album creates a low-key pop rock sound scape that allows the listener to daydream of sad break-ups and life long loves. A match up between Campbell’s recognizable voice, and the pop styled instrumentation gives this album something vaguely nostalgic while bringing something fresh for our long-awaited Canadian spring.

We’ve all been in the relationship this albums takes us to.


One thought on “Album review: Here comes a city

  1. joelaf says:

    Thanks for bringing this album to my attention- it’s very enjoyable!

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